The Springs Subdivision -- Overlooking Beautiful Lake Barkley, KY


Covenants and Restrictions

In order to protect the investments of those who choose to build in the Springs Subdivision, the community has in place the following covenants and restrictions:


No building shall be erected or maintained on any lot in The Springs other than a private residence and a private garage or outbuilding for the sole use of the owner or occupant.


Each structure not connected to the dwelling must conform in appearance and construction to the residence on such lot.


No part of said premises shall be used for commercial or manufacturing purposes.


No residential building shall be erected or maintained on any lot in The Springs with a living area excluding basement areas, garages, porches and decks of less than 1,700 square feet.


No building shall be erected or maintained on any lot in The Springs closer than 25 feet from front line, 10 feet from the side lot lines, and 25 feet from the back property lines.


No animals or birds, other than household pets, shall be kept on any lot in The Springs. All pets maintained outside must be kept on a leash or in a pen. All pens must be constructed in the back yard area.


All building exteriors must be brick, stone, vinyl, stucco or wood. Wood must be stained or painted.


The placing of house trailers or double-wides, regardless of size or age, shall be prohibited on any lot in The Springs.


Exteriors of homes, garages and all outbuildings must be completed within one year from date of beginning construction.


It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain his real estate properly. This real estate shall be maintained according to the standards already set in the area. No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste, and such waste shall be kept in sanitary containers.


Fences shall not be constructed from the front side of the dwelling unit toward the public street. Exception: white picket fencing and split rail fencing.


All detached garages and outbuildings shall be constructed behind the main dwelling or the back section of said lot.


All building plans must be approved by the developers.


These protective covenants may be enforced by the owner(s) of any property in this subdivision and neighboring properties.


These covenants and restrictions shall be construed as covenants running with the land and shall be binding upon the heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns of the original developers and owners.