The Springs Subdivision -- Overlooking Beautiful Lake Barkley, KY


History of The Springs

The Springs area has been a center for recreation for more than a century. A 1900 brochure described Kuttawa Mineral Springs as "charmingly diversified with a hollow hill and plain, and with wild woods, tree clumps and grassy meadows."

The rolling hills of the area were home to a number of mineral springs, including the Mint, Kuttawa, Wild Rose, Diamond and Rock Bowl Springs. It was said that the waters would prove effective for all sorts of health disorders because of the minerals in the water.

The Kuttawa Springs was the largest, but the Mint Spring was the most beautiful. It flowed from under a tree on the hillside, and wild mint grew along its path. In 1910 an 11-room cabin was built on the hill, and local descendents were allowed to build cabins on the surrounding acres. In the days of no refrigeration, guests kept their milk, butter and other perishable food in fruit jars in the cool waters of the Mint Springs.

The Springs became well known as a location for large outdoor gatherings in the summer. One of the most famous gatherings was the annual August Camp Meeting, a two-week-long event filled with evangelistic preaching and good country cooking, including barbecue, country ham and mountains of salads, cakes and pies. Camp meetings reached their zenith in the 1920s and 1930s, but they had been a Lyon County institution since the 1800s.

While the yearly camp meetings drew the largest crowds, the Illinois Central Railroad's annual picnic and dance was also well attended. A special train brought the employees and their families from Paducah along with a band and platform for a dance floor. The barbecue, picnic and dancing went on all afternoon, and at dusk, the train took the merrymakers home.

The Springs was also a favorite place for reunions, political rallies and swimming parties.

Development of The Springs

The Kuttawa Springs Company was formed in the early 1920s. The company built enough cabins to accommodate 200 people. They also built an Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts, croquet court and restaurant.

In 1952, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Glenn bought The Springs. The Corps of Engineers bought approximately 83 acres of The Springs in 1960. Now, the waters of Lake Barkley sit on a portion of that land, providing all types of water recreation.

In 1997, the remaining land known as The Springs was purchased and The Springs Subdivision was conceived. Streets were named after the fresh water springs that once flowed from the land. Some lots have trees with initials carved in them, dating from the early days of camp meetings, political rallies and reunions.

Today, The Springs is fully developed, with a number of families having already purchased lots and built homes.

You, too, can be a part of history by purchasing your lot today and building your dream home in this charming subdivision.

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